Christmas Comfort Kit Drive

Hundreds of children in our area enter foster care every year with just the clothes on their back or a few belongings in a garbage bag. In collaboration with Child Protective Services, we have developed Comfort Kits (quality bags with many useful items) for children who have just been uprooted from their family. In order to meet the need that our Child Protective Services and foster care organizations are requesting, we need 1,000 Comfort Kits. The average costs for each of these age appropriate bags and many useful items is $40.

1) Can you or your organization donate Comfort Kits?

    • 100 kits - $4,000 (Gold Sponsor, large event banner & appreciation on our website & social media)
    • 50 kits - $2,000 (Silver Sponsor, medium event banner & appreciation on our website & social media)
    • 25 kits - $1,000 (Bronze Sponsor, small event banner & appreciation on our website & social media)
        • 10 kits - $400 • 5 kits - $200• Each kit - $40


2) Can you volunteer at the Christmas Comfort Kit Drive?

Mark your calendar for this unforgettable morning where we’ll get to assemble all of these 1,000 comfort kits together!


3) If you are able, we encourage those who want to go shopping for the extra items that will make these kits more personal:

  • • Suckers
  • • Games (card games, crossword puzzle books, etc.)
  • • Stamps/Envelopes
  • • Gift cards
  • • Nail polish
  • • Sunglasses
  • • Cute socks/mittens


Those who are able to go out to get the extra items to bring them to the December 3 Christmas Comfort Kit Drive and help us place these into the comfort kits.

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