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Shelli Prosser


Our Bethany Christian Services Modesto branch office has officially launched Safe Families for Children! Safe Families for Children provides much needed support for parents in crisis, giving them time to get back on their feet while their children are cared for in a safe and loving environment. When a single parent faces a crisis like being evicted, or even something as simple as going into the hospital without anyone to care for their children, in the past the only alternative was CPS.  CPS involvement is unnecessary in situations where abuse and neglect are not occurring, and costs the system and taxpayers way too much money.  Now, with Safe Families, we can fill these gaps and support these isolated families without the red tape and costly intervention of CPS.  Families are kept intact, strengthened, and may be the strongest they've ever been after reaching out to Safe Families. Our three goals in introducing Safe Families to our community is child abuse prevention, keeping kids out of foster care and strengthening families.  We are currently recruiting volunteers to join our Modesto network.

There are many different roles that volunteers can fill such as Church Ministry Lead, Host Family, Family Coach, Family Friend and Resource Friend. Volunteers (depending on the role) go through training, fingerprinting, background checks, and home visits to become certified with Safe Families for Children.

Hours:  Varies depending on the volunteer role.

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