Able Works - FutureProfits Volunteer Coach


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Project Leaders:

Maria Cortez


FutureProfits is a program of Able Works, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower individuals with financial education, life skills, and assets to enable them to live free from oppression and poverty.

FutureProfits helps high school students prepare for their futures by equipping them with life skills and financial knowledge.

** Virtual classes will be offered beginning Fall 2020


  • In general, volunteers will pair up and facilitate one-hour virtual lessons to a group of high schoolers
  • The FP lessons/curriculum make facilitation easy by telling volunteers precisely what to say, walking volunteers through the concepts, and offering answers to commonly asked questions.
  • In addition to teaching students about budgeting and basic financial concepts, volunteers help students create action plans to achieve their life goals; empowering them to have more economic freedom as they get older.
  • Volunteers also play an important role in influencing students to make wise decisions now for their future financial decisions by sharing their own experiences with personal finance. This helps connect classroom topics to real-life scenarios.


  • Background check
  • Participate in program/curriculum training
  • Access to computer and internet (virtual classes)

Hours: 1 Hour per week; a minimum of one semester

Project Location:

a partner with
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