Everett Elementary School (Bronze)

Date & Time:

Saturday, April 24, 2021
8:00 AM - 12:30 PM


5 have signed up & 20 openings remain.

Project Leaders:

Ignacio Cantu

  • Come join us as we bring joy to our team of educators. During this current pandemic, distance learning has created additional stresses for all school personnel. We want to remind our team they are valued and LOVED. Grab some art supplies from home; construction paper, colored markers, pencils, crayons, stickers, and put those creative juices to use to make encouragement cards. We encourage you to make multiple! The more the merrier! We'd love to provide our entire team with cards. We ask that these cards are prepared in advance and then on the day of Love Modesto (April 24th), you can deliver them to our campus between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm.
  • This morning will also act as a book drive. We ask kindly for the donations of NEW BOOKS for all reading levels. Please help us continue to be able to offer great reading opportunities to all of our students. 
Love Modesto April 24th begins at 8:00 am online at LoveModesto.com/virtual-rally for our Virtual Rally. We will all meet here BEFORE GOING TO YOUR PROJECT LOCATION at 9:00 am.
When you arrive at your project location make sure to check in with you project leader. You will need to receive instructions from them on the specifics of your project. 
We kindly ask that you respect the safety of all involved in this amazing day by following health and safety protocols. While performing your project, please practice social distancing of 6+ feet, wear a face mask, and regularly sanitize your hands. If you feel at all ill, we ask you to contact your project leader and refrain from participation in this day.
Thank you for your willingness to "Love Modesto"! If you have any questions, please email contact@lovemodesto.com
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