Notes For Neighbors (Silver)

Date & Time:

Saturday, April 24, 2021
10:00 PM - 2:30 AM


5 have signed up & 45 openings remain.

Project Leaders:

Bob Mcgrew


This has been a tough year for many we know! Neighbors who work for local businesses may be struggling to keep them open, while those in essential jobs are often working too much. Working parents struggle as they juggle work and childcare, while retired folks languish at home due to social distancing. Imagine the impact on our community if 200 or more of us join together in blessing people we know with a note or card telling them of our support and appreciation! That would be a powerful way to 'Love Modesto'! Anyone can participate--all you need is a loving heart and a pen. We plan to do this outreach during the week of April 17-24th. First, we ask you to think about one or more people who need encouragement among your neighbors, friends and family. A thank you card is all you need to do. Trinity Presbyterian Church is participating in this project, and will supply you with special postcards, if you wish, but any card of your own is fine. In fact, why not get your kids or grandkids involved making a special card featuring their art? Or make a special card yourself? If you feel called, consider including something else encouraging, like a Starbucks card or a small box of chocolates. For an essential worker, how about sending a small box/basket of goodies or coffee/tea with them to share with their coworkers, with a card for all of them? Please email, message or call Bob, the project leader, for ideas, special thank you cards, and to let him know what you're planning to do. He'd love to to make a list of how we 'loved on Modesto' for this project!

Love Modesto April 24th begins at 8:00 am online at for our Virtual Rally. We will all meet here BEFORE GOING TO YOUR PROJECT LOCATION at 9:00 am.
When you arrive at your project location make sure to check in with you project leader. You will need to receive instructions from them on the specifics of your project. 
We kindly ask that you respect the safety of all involved in this amazing day by following health and safety protocols. While performing your project, please practice social distancing of 6+ feet, wear a face mask, and regularly sanitize your hands. If you feel at all ill, we ask you to contact your project leader and refrain from participation in this day.
Thank you for your willingness to "Love Modesto"! If you have any questions, please email
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