Get Started

1) Print this Neighborhood Block Map (PDF EnglishPDF Spanish). Start filling in each of your surrounding homes with the names of those who live around you and place this on your refrigerator or some place where you would see this regularly. If you can not fill in all the names of your neighbors yet, make it your goal to meet and know all their names.

2) Read through Practical Ways to Know Your Neighbors (PDF EnglishPDF Spanish) and start meeting and getting to know your neighbors. If you and your neighbors are interested in having a Block Party, make sure you read through the Neighborhood Block Party Kit for some ideas.

3) Start planning now for National Night Out and join hundreds of other neighborhoods in Modesto (and thousands around the country) the first Tuesday in August every year. Together, let’s keep Modesto one of the top ranked cities in America for National Night Out!

4) Join or start your own neighborhood Facebook page.

5) Consider beginning a Neighborhood Watch Program joining over 350 registered Neighborhood Watch Groups in our city.

6) Consider joining Modesto Neighborhoods Inc, a group of neighborhood leaders in Modesto who meet monthly learning from each other on how to better our neighborhoods.

7) Join "The Turquoise Table Community" and bring community to your front yard. (See video)

8) Help us spread the word via social media, your workplace, congregation, etc. about Love Our Neighborhoods!

Any questions, we have an experienced team who can help you Love Your Neighborhood.
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