Love Modesto making a difference in 2018! 


We had over 7,000 volunteers this past April and are dreaming and preparing for 10,000 volunteers this coming April 13, 2019.
According to our survey responses, over 80% continue to volunteer regularly in our community.


We are working with over 60 partner and collaborating cities around California and starting around the country.


We had over 100 “Front Yard Neighbors” reaching out to over 20,000 of their neighbors for our Halloween Neighborhood Night. We also began a new program called, "Love Mows" helping the elderly, disabled or single parents with basic yard care.


Every School Partnership – 30 schools in Modesto have partnerships with nearly 100 different businesses, congregations or organizations. Our vision is for all 64 Modesto schools to have partnerships with a local businesses, congregations or organizations. 


500 volunteers organized and assembled 1,000 Comfort Kits and gave them away to our area counties social services and other agencies to give to kids who will be recently uprooted from their home. We also had 100 people who expressed interest to be more involved throughout the year making a difference in the lives of foster kids and their families.

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